BerChain Event: Introduction to Token Systems

BerChain webinar: Introduction to token systems

Token Systems is a series of webinars by BerChain e.V. exploring token-based systems from an economic, design, development and legal perspective.

Token Systems is a series of weekly webinars by BerChain e.V., taking place in April 2021, exploring token-based systems in detail. The talks will include an introduction to some of the key topics such as Bitcoin System economics, design & development, governance, legal engineering and best practices on token-based systems, crypto economics, token engineering and crypto assets.

Some of the key topics covered in these webinars include fundamentals on crypto economics, token economies, token design, decentralised governance and legal engineering.

The webinars will bring together experts from the industry to guide participants through these topics

To see the full programme of the Token Systems webinar and launch event, you can click here.
About BerChain e.V.

BerChain e.V. is a non-profit, member-led association based in Berlin that connects and promotes the Berlin blockchain community from across the blockchain ecosystem and beyond, positioning Berlin as the global blockchain capital. BerChain facilitates science and research activities, education and training around blockchain and thereby promotes the local Berlin blockchain ecosystem. In this way, BerChain aims to create a unique interdisciplinary environment and accelerate the growth of the local blockchain community.

Just over a week ago, BerChain e.V. and BTC-ECHO GmbH announced their media partnership.